<b>Optical Illusion 1 </b><br /> Black paint, pattern 'simplified' in Illustrator
<b>Optical Illusion 2</b><br />Orange, then Blue, then Black paint
<b>Optical Illusion 3</b><br />Red then Black
<b>Test Tile</b><br />Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue<br />Different colors react to the laser at different rates
<b>Test Tile</b><br />Sometimes I used the same tile for multiple test passes
<b>The process</b>
<b>Ringo</b><br />Something was going on with my raster to vector conversion<br />The laser controller doesn't like open paths
<b>The Fab Four</b><br />They'll come to your emotional rescue
<b>Clowns are Scary</b><br />Used a mask when painting the tile, so top half is Gold, bottom half is Red, then Black over everything